Beautiful PowerPoint Lesson Plans for the Modern Helicopter CFI

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This video explains the purpose of these PowerPoint lesson plans, as well as recommendations, and disclaimers. For more information view the "About" section. 

This video shows a highlight reel of the PowerPoint lesson plans. Keep in mind that this is a small, random sampling of the material

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"The PowerPoints were fantastic, and helped me a lot. The price was well worth it due to the quality of the product. I would reccomend this to any other helicopter Pilot."

-Alex Marshall - CFII

Customer Reviews​ 

"Spencer's power point LPs enable me to enhance my LPs preparation which resulted in a successful  LP presentation during my initial CFI check. I would highly recommend his LP PP to "seal the deal" for a successful CFI check."

- CW - CFI
About the Lesson Plans
Core Lesson Plans
Basic Aerodynamics
Helicopter aerodynamics
Performance and limitations
Weight and Balance
Flight environment 1 communications
Flight environment 2 National airspace system
Visual scanning and collision avoidance
Weather information Sources
Navigation 2
Certificates Airworthiness and maintenance
Aeromedical Factors
Fundamentals Of Instruction
Critique and Evaluation
Flight intructor Characteristics and responsibilities
Human Behavior
Logbook Entries and Certificate endorsements
Planning Instructional Activity
Teaching Methods
The Learning Process
The Teaching Process

Summary of the Lesson Plans
         These lesson plans have been prepared in order to provide a platform for which CFIs can teach their students. 

         This product contains lectures to be used in a classroom environment for private and commercial pilots, and does not contain information related to Instrument training. 

         The PowerPoints even have the ability to be printed off, and function as a CFI binder for an examination to earn a CFI rating. 

          Feel free to explore the site for more information, and feel free to contact me with any questions!

,Spencer Kohler

Manuever Lesson Plans

180 Degree Autorotations
Air Taxi
Confined Areas
Forced Landings
Go Arounds
Hover Taxi
Hovering Autorotations
Landing From a Hover
Low RPM Recovery
Max Performance Takeoff
Normal Approach
Normal Takeoff

Pickup to a Hover
Pinnacle Ops
Quick Stops
Running Take off
Settling with power
Shallow approach
Slope Operations
Steep Approach
Straight and Level
Staint in Autos
Traffic Patterns