A​bout the PowerPoints
This page explains the various PowerPoints included in the package...

Core Lesson Plans

*Please note: 
The purpose of these PowerPoints is to provide an initial platform for flight instructors to develop their lesson plan content for new students.
I would highly reccomend the user of these PowerPoints familiarize themselves thoroughly with the material, then modify the content to their tastes rather than relying strictly on the lectures as they are.  
Also note that this is not as much an educational resource or preparation for the CFI checkride, as much as it is a tool to be used by an instructor in a ground school environment.

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The Fundamentals of Instruction

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Notes Sections

Maneuver Lesson Plans

The 24 manuever lessons as required by the CFI Practical Test Standards are also included.

Manuever lessons availible:

180 Degree Autorotations
Air Taxi
Confined Areas
Forced Landings
Go Arounds
Hover Taxi
Hovering Autorotations
Landing From a Hover
Low RPM Recovery
Max Performance Takeoff
Normal Approach
Normal Takeoff
Please note that in the "Notes" section of each lesson plan is listed a detailed strategy for teaching the associated lesson. These notes contain instructor dialogue that the author felt explained concepts simply and efficiently. Feel free to study this dialogue for new teaching ideas and strategies, as well as for clarification with certain slides. 
Pickup to a Hover
Pinnacle Ops
Quick Stops
Running Take off
Settling with power
Shallow approach
Slope Operations
Steep Approach
Straight and Level
Staint in Autos
Traffic Patterns

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